Birds In Your Backyard ... and Beyond

with Randi and Nic Minetor

  Everything you need to know 
to bring birds into your own yard!

It’s fun and easy to attract birds to your yard—all you need are the right foods, water, and shelter, and your yard will be aflutter with feathered creatures in any season. 

With our books, Backyard Birding: A Guide to Attracting and Identifying Birds and New England Bird Lover’s Garden, we help you make the right choices the first time, so you can begin to attract the colorful birds you love. 
Select the right kinds of seed, suet, nuts, bugs and other goodies, and provide natural food sources like berry bushes and nectar-filled blossoms. 
Recognize the birds you are most likely to see in your backyard, based on your region of the United States. 
You’ll find tips on recognizing male and female birds of the same species, as well as winter plumage and other changes that confuse new birders (and some seasoned ones as well).
Since we attracted our first pair of house finches to a suction-cupped feeder on our city apartment window in 1985, we’ve been nuts about birds—and in Backyard Birding and New England Bird Lover’s Garden, we bring you our enthusiasm, our passion, and the knowledge we’ve gained through trial, error, and the thrill of victory. 

Praise for Backyard Birding:

“A helpful book to guide you from making costly mistakes when planning your bird-friendly yard. In it you will find all sorts of wonderful information on which feed and feeders to use and what birds are attracted to what... We enjoyed the chapter on building a bird garden with native plants as it showcases various flowers, trees, and shrubs to use to best attract a variety of birds.” --

“A comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide...clear, concise prose and excellent photos ... Five stars.” -- Fannie Peczenik,, Pittsburgh

“A vibrant and informative guide book that offers something to birders of all degrees. Not only can you find tried and true tips to help make your birding experience simple, it also gives you the information you will need to help create a healthy environment for our feathered friends.” -- Lisa Chicoine,, Columbus, OH

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