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Whether it’s national park history, staying safe in the parks, or planning a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, our national park books cover a lot of ground. We’ve been to more than 320 of America’s 418 national parks—so we know a thing or two about them, and nothing makes Randi happier than diving into dusty libraries and back issues to find stories to tell. Her books in the Death in the Parks series reveal the tiny mistakes that can result in the end of a life. In two books in the Historic National Parks series, Randi tells the tales of Native Americans, explorers, settlers, miners, ranchers, and environmentalists who shaped the western parks.

Drownings, falling objects, climbing accidents, and grizzly bear attacks—all of these and many more causes of death get their due in this comprehensive chronicle. Learn how 264 people met their last day on earth while visiting the Crown of the Continent.

Death in Glacier National Park
Historic Glacier National Park

How long have the Blackfeet and Kootenai lived in northwestern Montana? Why is there a statue in Marias Pass? Who is the Cattle Queen, and why is there a creek named for her? Discover the hidden tales of the people, places, and adventures that made this glorious park possible.

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North Atlantic, National Capital, and Southeast Regions  

Flash floods, catastrophic climbs, exposure, deadly falls—discover how nearly 100 people who came to Zion for a glorious vacation never went home.

Death in Zion National Park
Death on Mount Washington
Death on Katahdin

The terminus of the Appalachian Trail, Katahdin   beckons climbers to the challenges of its jagged-edged trails and icy walls. Sixty-two people have met their end on the mountain or in Baxter State Park, from a three-year-old boy to a still-missing 86-year-old hiker. And yes, lightning has struck twice (actually three times) on this perilous mountain.

Coming in Spring 2019

Death in Acadia National Park

The rocky coast of Maine provides gorgeous views, opportunities for adventure, and the occasional deadly incident. Giant ocean waves, steep climbs up sheer cliffs, falls from high places, and even a murder or two make Acadia the final destination for some of its visitors.

Coming in Fall 2019

Historic Rocky Mountain National Park

Who was the first to climb Longs Peak? Who discovered the park, and what did they do when they got here? Who walked these trails long before European-Americans made their way across the Great Plains? Who shot Rocky Mountain Jim? All these questions are many more are answered in this lively chronicle of the early days before Rocky Mountain became a national park.