New York: Nature and More


Scenic Routes & Byways New York

Where is the world’s largest kaleidoscope? What’s in Cooperstown besides the Baseball Hall of Fame? Where can you find the best locally made ice cream anywhere in the state? Get in the car and find out—and take this detailed and gorgeously photographed guide with you.

Day Trips: Hudson River Valley

When you’ve only got a day to explore, you can make the most of it with this handy guide to all the local hotspots: dining, shopping, great views, entertainment, sightseeing, and more.

Cursed in New York: Stories of the Damned in the Empire State

Discover the Indian tribe that haunts the Buffalo Bills from beyond the grave; the lost souls that linger in Willard Asylum; the curse that prevented any horse from winning Triple Crown; the cursed spirit in Niagara Falls Gorge; the chicken that foiled a city council candidate, and many more. Some stories are regionally well known. Others are nearly forgotten. All are cursed.

Quick Reference Guides

These easy-to-use guides provide an introduction to the wide variety of bird, tree and wildflower species found in New York City and Long Island, as well as the birds throughout New York State. Each guide provides from 50 to 135 stunning digital photos to help you determine which species you see. Seven double-sided, laminated, waterproof panels fold into a handy size that fits in your daypack, waist pack, or glove compartment.