We Get Lost, So You Don’t Have To!


Drownings, falling objects, climbing accidents, and grizzly bear attacks—all of these and many more causes of death get their due in this comprehensive chronicle. Learn how 264 people met their last day on earth while visiting the Crown of the Continent.

Coming in Spring 2016:

Death in Glacier National Park

Hike, drive, and explore beautiful and fascinating places in New York State and across America—with books and field guides by Randi and Nic Minetor.

Coming in Summer 2016:

Historic Glacier National Park

How long have the Blackfeet and Kootenai lived in northwestern Montana? Why is there a statue in Marias Pass? Who is the Cattle Queen, and why is there a creek named for her? Discover the hidden tales of the people, places, and adventures that made this glorious park possible.