1. Trade media relations. How do you reach the right editor or blogger with your message? Minetor & Company has vast experience in working with national, regional, local and trade media editors to generate placements in choice publications.

  2. Case histories. Nothing sells like the true story of a customer's experience with you. Randi Minetor has written literally thousands of customer success stories, which can become useful sales materials or stories in trade publications and on websites.

  3. Web site structure, strategy and content. Minetor & Company works with you to create the copy for a website that truly represents your company by communicating a cohesive, simple message.

  4. Speechwriting. For corporate presentations, trade show speaking engagements, fundraising events, meetings with employees, celebrations or conferences, Minetor & Company can prepare you with talking points, a full speech, or a PowerPoint presentation and notes.

  5. Book ghostwriting and authorship. When you have a larger story to tell, Randi Minetor applies her experience as an author and editor to gather information, research your topic and write your book. If you're looking to sell your book to a major publisher, Randi can write the non-fiction proposal that will attract editors' attention. Randi Minetor is represented by Regina Ryan Publishing Enterprises, Inc. and is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors and the Authors Guild.


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